In order for any business venture to be successful, you must promote it. Pegasus Designs has a long history of marketing Independent and Traditional Authors in the Literary Industry.

We offer many Author Marketing Services on a consulting basis. Tasks include but are not limited to:

  • Digital Content Management
  • Digital Publishing Services; both paperback and ebook
  • Paperback and Digital Formatting of Manuscripts
  • Website Maintenance
  • Brand Design and Promotion
  • Social Media Ad Design and Management
  • Newsletter Services
  • In-Depth Research Assistance
  • Sales Figure Analysis and Reporting
  • Social Media Management
  • Organizing Blog Tours
  • Design and scheduling online Ads for your book promotions
  • Assistance with book cover design
  • Booking Appearances and Accommodations

We offer assistance with all of your publicity and representation needs as well as tasks completed by Virtual Author Assistants. For professional full service book formatting services, visit our division: Creative Pause Studio.

Additionally, from our design team, we offer items such as banners for author events and signings. We will design the banner, print it and have it delivered right to your door. Additional cartridges with different images may also be purchased for use with the banner stand. Here are some sample of banners previously designed by Pegasus Designs.

We do extensive research to find out who you, your product or your services are so that we can custom design and tailor services to fit your needs and desires.  We will not sign off on a project as complete unless you are completely satisfied. Please contact us to get a custom quote for services.