So we’ve been working hard on a website for Author S.C. Stephens recently and yesterday she revealed it to the world!  It’s a very romantic and light design with a feel of floating on clouds yet striking in it’s color scheme.  We incorporated playable playlists so her readers could listen to the music which inspired each book right from her site.  There are options to purchase her books in both eBook and Paperback formats, a carousel of book covers, sample excerpts from some of her books, release dates and lots of other little goodies!


Please take a moment to visit her site and explore all the wonderful functionality available at!

If you’re an author and would like to discuss a website, novel covers or any other design work, please contact us directly-we’d love to hear from you and we have special pricing just for authors through the end of this year!  Thank you S.C. Stephens-this was such a fun project and it was wonderful working with you!