17th Mar


We recently updated one of our literary client’s website’s. We went for a clean and bold approach this time. We added a totally new branding for her website, a book catalog with purchase links and reader quotes which makes this author stand out from the rest. Take a look and poke around these great features by clicking the image below:



In addition, we’ve  branded all of the client’s social media outlets as well as their newsletter to match. We also work with the book cover designers to produce covers which are branded by series and genre.

In the end, we’ve provided this client with a branded package that’s been updated and will now be timeless to be carried through all future projects.

24th Apr


What is Branding?

Branding is the process of using a word or an image to identify a company or its products. It is what separates competitors and helps consumers remember a product. The purpose of a brand is to increase sales by making the product or service the most visible and desired by the consumer.

Branding is becoming more than a logo or a product. It is becoming a promise of quality and reputation! It encompasses EVERYTHING about a company.


Why is Branding important?

In today’s fast-paced world, it is more important than ever to promote recognition of a product or service. If you’re remembered as a quality provider, then you will be encouraging repeat business. Branding is a great way to promote this recognition because people are busy and tend to adhere to familiarity. If consumers recognize a brand that they have previously used and they remember being satisfied with it, then they are more likely to choose that product or service again. This is especially true in the tremendous hodgepodge of advertising going on today.

How does this apply to authors?

Authors provide a product just like any other company.  They work very hard to build and maintain their reputation and are always working to promote their image, their product and their books; in essence, their BRAND.  Some of the ways as authors that you can create your own brand would be to have a professional website designed, a matching Facebook page and Twitter page.  If readers are continuously seeing the same images/designs in conjunction with your name, you and your work will become familiar to them and subconsciously they will seek you out.

Some Branding Strategies offered by Pegasus Designs….


Brand identity is a vital part of a business, and it should be incorporated into many key aspects and areas.


·       Design of a name, logo, or slogan which accurately describes you as the author
·       Professional website representing and promoting you, your personality and your work
·       Custom Facebook pages
·       Custom Twitter pages
·       Design and Printing of Banners for book signings
·       Promotional items and all types of swag


Some Recent Book Signing Banners….


Should you need any assistance with branding, please feel free to contact us at Pegasus Designs. We have many years of experience with marketing, promotions and publicity to help you establish your name and products in the industry. We hope to work with you!

6th Dec

Authors….when you do a cover reveal, would you like to showcase the new cover in a custom Facebook banner or Twitter theme?  When you release a new book, would you like to shout it to the world in a Facebook banner or Twitter theme?  Pegasus Designs can create a custom banner or theme just for you at a very low cost.

A recent Facebook banner design done for Denise Grover Swank for a promotional tour announcing her upcoming cover reveal.


Do you participate in book tours and need custom tour banners, widgets or playable playlists to pass along to the bloggers?  Rather than having a list of songs to post on your site for your playlist, why not try a playlist that actually plays??  Check out the playlists we’ve recently created for Jillian Dodd (just click her name to go to her site, then click on Stalk Me or Kiss Me, then navigate to the soundtrack).  We can design those for you as well.

Custom widgets like countdowns, “Team” pictures/links, and promotional banners are also items we are now designing!  Please let us know what you’re in the market for and we’ll quote you a price.  Remember, as always, authors get discounted pricing automatically!


23rd Sep

So we’ve been working hard on a website for Author S.C. Stephens recently and yesterday she revealed it to the world!  It’s a very romantic and light design with a feel of floating on clouds yet striking in it’s color scheme.  We incorporated playable playlists so her readers could listen to the music which inspired each book right from her site.  There are options to purchase her books in both eBook and Paperback formats, a carousel of book covers, sample excerpts from some of her books, release dates and lots of other little goodies!


Please take a moment to visit her site and explore all the wonderful functionality available at www.authorscstephens.com!

If you’re an author and would like to discuss a website, novel covers or any other design work, please contact us directly-we’d love to hear from you and we have special pricing just for authors through the end of this year!  Thank you S.C. Stephens-this was such a fun project and it was wonderful working with you!


27th Jul

Recent Projects

One of our most recent projects was to create a website for a New York Times Bestselling Author!  We had so much fun working with her and creating her dream site.  It includes a blog page, individual book pages, sample chapters of each book, playlists and purchase options!  Click on the image to visit her site if you’d like….



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